Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Let's Get Started!

I am currently a Junior at a university in Missouri, where I study Geography and Global Sustainability. I have chosen to study abroad in New Zealand during the upcoming semester because it is the one place in the world that I have always dreamed of visiting. New Zealand is very diverse, offering a variety of activities, landscapes, wildlife, and cultures for me to see and experience. This was very appealing because I will get to experience a very unique combination of physical and cultural characteristics that especially relate to Geography. I never thought I would get an opportunity like this to live and study in the country I have always dreamed of going to. It will give me a completely different perspective on school and learning. I expect to have gained much more knowledge from this trip than I would have ever imagined. A trip like this opens many doors in my future professional life and also in my personal life.

I will be continuing my course of study in Geography and Global Sustainability at Massey University in Palmerston North, and expand on what I have already learned. This program was very appealing to me because it includes a variety of science and Geography programs and classes. When choosing a program, I looked for places where I could continue coursework for my major. I want to study abroad for a whole semester because it will give me a chance to really become engulfed in the culture and environment. I would like to be able to explore places that only the locals know about, and find hidden treasures that I would never have found on a vacation to the same exact place.
Studying Geography in New Zealand will help me better understand global concepts such as culture, Earth science, and globalization. It will give me a fresh perspective on several issues and concepts in Geography. Traveling and learning is a great way to expand on my Geography coursework. In the future, employers will see that I have been abroad and know that I have some really-life experience with Geography. Companies that employ Geographers look for people that have put in the extra effort and time to further their education and seek out extra experiences. It will also show a high level of dedication to a task because of all the time and effort taken to plan a trip of this length.

Currently, my family is putting three members through college and will be sending a fourth member next year. As you can imagine, this has put some financial strain on my whole family and restricted some of the opportunities that we have. I have been working and saving up money as well as applied for many scholarships and grants in order to finance my trip abroad. It is important to me to study abroad in New Zealand because of all the great opportunities, so I am going to do everything I can to make it happen no matter the challenge or obstacle.

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